Dancing On Ice 2013: Shayne Ward won't be going topless! :(

Shayne Ward (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Shayne Ward won't be going topless on Dancing On Ice 2013 🙁

The hunky singer confessed he wasn't too confident about getting his top off alongside the main pro skaters on the show!

And it's despite his own girlfriend wanting him to skate in his boxers.

Shayne's fiance Faye said this week: "He’s like a mature cheese – he gets better with age.

“I’ve told him he needs to come on in just boxers it’d be good eye candy for the girls.”

But Shayne insisted: "Not topless!

"It's ice, remember! It's warm in the studio but I won't be whopping my top off until I go on holiday and get a bit of tan!"

Meanwhile, discussing this week's upcoming performance, Shayne admitted the tough schedule of the show was getting to him.

He said: "Training's going good. It's been skate, hotel, skate, hotel.

"But I'm having a wicked time."

Browse pictures of this week's Dancing On Ice training below...

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