Dancing On Ice 2013 judges: Ashley Roberts admits there's tension on the panel!

Dancing On Ice 2013 judges

Dancing On Ice 2013 judge Ashley Roberts has confessed she feels the tension between Karen Barber and Jason Gardiner!

I'm A Celebrity runner up Ashley joined a new look panel this year, which saw both Karen and Jason back on the show as judges.

And poor Ashley has put sat in between the waring pair.

"They differently have different opinions! " Ashley said this week. "Or different ways of communicating their opinion... sometimes I feel there's a lot of tension either side.

"And Karen did threw out a little hand gesture the other night, and I was like 'uh oh!'... here we go!"

Meanwhile, Ashley revealed she though Samia Ghadie, Gareth Thomas and Beth Tweddle were the ones to beat at the moment.

But all three still needed to do a lot of work.

She said: "There are some solid people. Samia really stepped up on Sunday and Gareth is really strong on the ice.

"Beth is really strong... but as far as performance, I would like to see them crack open a little bit more - not physically, but performance-wise - its still early on... so you just don't know who will step up."

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