Dancing On Ice 2013: Has Shayne Ward been telling porkies?

Shayne Ward (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 celeb Shayne Ward has seemingly been caught out covering up his past skating experience.

The hunky X Factor star claimed he'd never skated before, but apparently he has.

Pictures revealed today show him skating along with fellow X Factor stars Chico and Andy Abraham, in some sort of X Factor stars On Ice show.

Shayne said this month: “I’d never skated before I went to meet Torvill and Dean. But I decided I love a challenge so I just went for it.”

A DOI insider told The Sun newspaper this morning: “Shayne has said all along he has never skated before, but these pics show he certainly has.

“Maybe Shayne has been saying this in order to get extra votes – or cover up his lack of skills on the ice.”

What do you guys think?

Browse pictures of Sunday night's Dancing On Ice performances below...

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