Dancing On Ice 2013: Jason Gardiner starts another fight with Karen Barber

Jason Gardiner (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 judge Jason Gardiner has started another war with Karen Barber.

Jason reckons that Karen has been like "a dog with a wasp" over his return to the show, which he claims will save the ratings.

Jason and Karen are both on the panel together this year for the first time since their infamous on air spat back in 2011, when left Karen in tears.

Speaking ahead of last night's latest live show, Jason bragged: “I imagine when she heard I was coming back she was like a dog with a wasp. It must have hurt. When I left it would have been a victory for her, but coming back gave me the upper hand."

And he claimed there was no love lost between them.

Jason explained: “I thought after a year out things would have cooled between us, but they haven’t. Karen and I go there and do our job but that’s it.

“We’re never going to be friends. She’s made that quite clear. We don’t talk off camera at all. We are kept apart. We are in different parts of the building and I think that’s a stipulation she has made. I’m not that bothered any more. DOI is just a piece of my life, not the whole thing like it is with her.”

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Jason said that the decision to bring him back to judge the show was made to help boost falling ratings.

He said: “ITV did the show without me for a year and it obviously didn’t work, so they asked me back. They realised it desperately needed what I can bring and, in asking me back, they have admitted they were wrong.

“On my first day Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean said to me, ‘You’re going to bring back the competitive element we’ve missed’. I give the celebrities the fear factor and the motivation to improve and up their game.

“I never patronise them. They’ve got enough judges on the panel who are going to do that and just tell them how wonderful they are all the time. Well, the other judges can say what they want. I’ll tell it how it is, and if they’re happy being vanilla, that’s fine.”

However so far it's not quite worked, with the new series having launched to the lowest viewing figures ever.

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