Dancing On Ice 2013: Samia Ghadie to take on the headbanger!

Samia Ghadie (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 star Samia Ghadie will be taking on the headbanger move this weekend.

It's only week four of the show and it'll be Samia's third live performance, so it's a big risk for the Corrie star.

But she's confident enough - if scared - to try it out.

A source claimed: "She’s absolutely terrified about it but Sylvain feels they’re ready to the dangerous move. Samia trusts Sylvain so is going to hopefully give it a go.

“They have been practising it all week and started with Samia in a special helmet.

“Unless something goes badly wrong in final rehearsals at the weekend it is in their routine.”

Apparently, bosses gave Samia and her pro partner Sylvain the move due to their 'close relationship', although the pair have both continued to deny they're actually seeing one another.

A source told the Daily Mirror today: “This move means you need ultimate trust – which is why Samia and Sylvain have been given the move to try first.

“Their partnership is the closest out of all this year’s couples.”
Samia Ghadie headbanger

Insiders at the rink revealed this week that Sylvain and Samia have been getting closer than ever during rehearsals.

A presumably chilly source blabbed: “Samia and Sylvain were really touchy-feely during rehearsals for their routine and the spark between them is very obvious.

Samia takes a tumble

“Samia looks so comfortable and confident in Sylvain’s arms.”

The insider added: “The chemistry between them certainly makes their love routines seems very believeable.”

Dancing On Ice 2013 continues Sunday night on ITV1.

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