Dancing On Ice 2013: Matt Lapinskas has skating nightmares!

Matt Lapinskas (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 star Matt Lapinskas has revealed that he's been having skating nightmares.

The hunky soap star has been waking up in a cold sweat and screaming over his fears of the show, or at least that's how we're imaging it.

But Matt reckons he's got the perfect way to conquer the nerves, by faking confidence.

He says: "My secret is that the more nervous I get, the more confident I try to look.

"If I look really confident, it just means I'm terrified!"

Matt's had a pretty good time on the show so far, having topped the leaderboard in the first week and easily winning his duel last Sunday night.

But he insists that he's still not sure on the ice and isn't taking anything for granted.

With even pro skater Mark Hanretty falling last week, it's no shock.

"Last week I had nightmares about it all, honestly!" Matt said. "It has been absolutely crazy and has been keeping me awake all night."

Despite three skaters having got the boot so far, Matt also claimed there was plenty of love and not hate backstage.

"They [the producers] tried to get us all competitive but we've not had any of it," Matt continued. "We just all get on well and are so close."

And he revealed: "I tried a costume on recently and Brianne could have fit in the trousers too - they were massive on me! I've lost weight."

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