Dancing On Ice judges: Sparks will fly between Jason Gardner and Karen Barber!

 Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley (Dancing On Ice)

Sparks will fly between Dancing on Ice 2013 judges Jason Gardiner and Karen Barber, host Phillip Schofield has predicted.

The DOI presenter reckons that the pair will never get on.

This year has seen Jason and Karen both brought back to the panel to boost ratings, and the duo went straight back to their bickering during Sunday night's first live show.

Dancing On Ice frontman Phill said: “In Dancing On Ice everyone gets on like a family, apart from Karen and Jason.

“I think sparks will fly between them, because they really don’t like each other."

He explained: “At the moment Jason is in control of himself, but there’s every possibility that eventually he’ll turn really nasty.

“They’re sitting close enough for there to be a glass of water thrown. I think this year it could be all about the water.”

Meanwhile, Phillip claimed that Dancing On Ice was the toughest reality show around.

Well, it certainly beats sitting in a house for three weeks.

He told the Daily Mirror today: “The celeb contestants know their levels and they know what’s at stake and if you have been training for months and months and you party and blow it then that’s up to you.

“I do worry about the injuries than can incur.

"I’ve seen blood no the ice and actually it’s really hard to scrape up, once they smack their faces on the ice they’ve got to get it up really quickly or it soaks in so it’s a nasty business. It’s dangerous.

“But the celebrity contestants know what they sign up to and that’s why I think the one’s that do are very, very brave.

"Of all the celeb reality shows I think it’s the toughest.”

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The Dancing On Ice 2013 live shows continue this weekend on ITV1 on Sunday night.

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