Dancing On Ice 2013: Beth Tweddle loves her bum!

Beth Tweddle (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice star Beth Tweddle loves showing off her bum in the show's revealing costumes!

The gymnast impressed at the weekend during the first live show, despite some harsh words from Jason Gardiner.

And while some of the stars of the show have been struggling getting comfortable with their tight sequinned outfits, it's second nature to Beth.

She says: "I know it sounds strange but I really like my bum. It's small and a nice shape. It's the product of 20 years of gymnastics so I'm proud of it.

"My boyfriend loves it too. Although for the first few weeks of training I've spent most of my time sitting on it because I fall over all the time!"

The Olympian also revealed she has some great tips for avoiding any wardrobe malfunctions like Pamela Anderson suffered from at the weekend.

"I can't tell you how many times you slide down the beam and your leotard's up your bum," she told Now magazine.

She explained: "My lifesaver in competitions was glue spray. You literally glue the leotard to your bum!

"One of the first questions I asked on DOI was whether I could use that on my costume. But it's all very different with ice skating.

"You wear tights under your leotard and you have these tiny hooks in them to keep the costume on - it's very clever."

Dancing on Ice 2013 continues next Sunday night on ITV1.

Browse pictures of the first Dancing On Ice live show below...

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