Dancing On Ice 2013: Joe Pasquale 'could be problematic' says Jason Gardiner

Jason Gardiner (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 judge Jason Gardiner reckons that Joe Pasquale will be "problematic" on the ice.

Speaking ahead of the show's first live show on Sunday night, Jason also claimed that Beth Tweddle could struggle on the ice.

He said: "Joe Pasquale could be problematic. I’m not sure he will have the elegance we are looking for.

"Gymnasts often aren’t graceful on the ice either, so Beth Tweddle might struggle."

Jason instead backed Pamela Anderson to impress, saying: "People think Pamela Anderson is a blonde bimbo, but she is savvy and in great shape, so she might do well."

Regardless of their skills, Jason reckons this is the best line up yet.

He says: "This year’s celebrity line-up is the best we’ve ever had. Pamela Anderson is a global superstar. The celebrities probably didn’t know I was returning as a judge when they signed up. If they think they’re going to get an easy ride, they’ve got another think coming. I’m going to be their Nightmare After Christmas, but if they can take it, they can make it."

He added: "Whether you love or hate me, I make people react. Without me, viewers weren’t engaging with the show in the same way. I’m a central figure – I get people talking and writing about the show."

Dancing On Ice starts Sunday night on ITV1 from 6:30PM.

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