Dancing On Ice 2013: Matt Lapinskas' girlfriend is jealous!

Matt Lapinskas and Brianne (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Matt Lapinskas' girlfriend has been getting jealous of him on Dancing On Ice 2013!

The hunky Eastenders actor has been rehearsing with blonde beauty Brianne Delcourt for the past two months, but his girlfriend is suspicious.

Matt, who is dating his Eastenders costar Shona McGarty, revealed this week that he had organised a meeting between Shona and Brianne to help settle the tension.

He said: “Shona got jealous so I made them meet each other and they’re getting on well now.”

Although Matt didn't help matters by admitting to grabbing Brianne's boobs!

He said: “I was doing a sit lift where your hand goes in the middle of her bum and I was a bit too low and she was like: ‘You’re on my cha cha.’

“I’ve grabbed boobs too. I’ve been slipping over trying to hold on to something. You try to grab something. She’s got great boobs.”

Speaking at this week's press launch, Matt revealed Shona didn't know this much and confessed: "I guess she will now!”


Meanwhile, sources claimed that Dancing On Ice often ended relationships.

Although it seems it makes just as many it creates.

The source told the Daily Star this morning: “We haven’t even been on air yet and already two relationships have ended.

“Everyone’s kind of looking around thinking: ‘Who’s next?’”

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