Dancing On Ice 2013: Lauren Goodger wants to show 'the real her'

Lauren Goodger (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Lauren Goodger has said she hopes to show 'the real her' on Dancing On Ice 2013.

The reality TV star spoke at this week's press launch, saying she wanted to break away from her past on The Only Way Is Essex.

She said: “TOWIE has been amazing and it’s where I wanted to be. But now I am Lauren and this is the career I want to be doing now. I am my own person."

Lauren previously revealed she was loving every moment of the show already.

She said: “I love it – all the outfits are me to a T.

“I love the glitz, the glamour, the hair, the make-up, everything.”

And the TOWIE star admitted she was excited to get into shape from all of the training.

She said: “My body doesn’t feel different yet but I’ve had two weeks off for Christmas. I’ll get back to it and then I’ll probably see a big change.

“I’m used to training anyway but when it gets really hardcore, the weight will drop off.”

Lauren added: “Costume want to know what colours we want, what cuts we want. They can put an arm on while you stand there.

“I’ve been trying all the costumes in all the colours.

“It’s the best thing about doing this show.

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