Dancing On Ice 2013: Pamela Anderson: I've always wanted to skate

Pamela Anderson (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 star Pamela Anderson has revealed that she's overwhelmed to being getting money to learn how to skate!

At least she's honest, we suppose.

The Baywatch babe will be joining the ITV1 series fresh from the US version of Strictly, Dancing With The Stars.

But she insists it's not just about the money or exposure.

"As a Canadian I thought I'd better learn how to skate, and what better way than having a pro teach you for two months," she said.

The 45-year-old added: "I didn't skate when I was younger. I always thought I want to skate with my grandkids."

The actress revealed this week she's already got plans after the show, hoping to land a role i a broadway show.

She said: "I want to do Broadway, I want to do musical theatre.

"I've been learning how to play guitar, doing a lot of musical stuff lately. When I first moved to L.A., I was asked if I wanted to have some kind of music career. I said, 'No, that's silly.' I couldn't even believe I was doing what I was doing on Baywatch."

But hinting at more reality shows in th future, Pamela added: "I feel like I've done a little bit of everything. Who knows how much longer I'll be doing this so I might as well just do everything I possibly can."

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