Dancing On Ice 2013: Anthea Turner covered in bruises already!

Anthea Turner (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Anthea Turner has revealed Dancing On Ice 2013 training has left with bruises all over!

The 52-year-old joins this year's line up alongside stars including Pamela Anderson and TOWIE's Lauren Goodgear.

The telly host is dancing with new skater pro Andrew Buchanan, and things haven't been going too badly in training.

She said: "I haven’t fallen over too much – that’s probably because I skate on the safer side so to speak."

However she added: "I am not sure how many bruises I have but I have got a massive one on my bum and some on my legs from the lifts!"

And Anthea revealed her dream skating partner would be fellow competitor Gareth Thomas!

She said: "I want someone who can make sure I don’t fall and so it would have to be a strapping sportsman like Gareth Thomas!"

Also taking part in the upcoming series is Baroness King of Bow Oona King.

The 45-year-old is skating with pro Mark Henretty and revealed: "I have barely fallen over at all because I have had one or two men to catch me!"

But the former MP confessed she was worried about the live shows next month admitting her biggest fear was Getting the choreography of the routine right.

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