Dancing On Ice 2013: Keith Chegwin's not expecting to last long!

Keith Chegwin (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Keith Chegwin has confessed he's not exactly expecting to last long on Dancing On Ice 2013.

The comic was due to appear on the last series back in January, but was ruled out after breaking his arm during early training.

Having been invited back for a second attempt, the comedian is now hoping he'll actually be able to get at least one performance on the ice.

However he admitted that there's not much hope of him and fellow DOI star Joe Pasquale going too far in the competition.

He said: “Dancing On Ice asked me to come back. Olga is like a Russian power ranger. I have fallen over about four times but never hit the ground because she is quick to grab me. She is absolutely fantastic."

Keith added: "It is hard work. Joe Pasquale and I have both said we’re not going to win but we’re going to have a good laugh."

It's a busy few months for the comic, who is taking part in panto as well as training for the show

But apparently the busy schedule is helping.

“This is the first time I have done pantomime and not felt exhausted. I have never been this fit in my life and it is all because of the ice skating,” he said.

Browse pictures of the Dancing On Ice 2013 line up below...

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