Dancing On Ice 2013: Matt Evers thrilled to be skating with Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 pro Matt Evers has admitted he's thrilled to be skating with Pamela Anderson.

The hunky pro skater has been practicing with the Baywatch babe for the past three months ahead of January's first live shows.

Speaking on ITV1's Daybreak yesterday morning, Matt confessed it felt as though Christmas had come early for him.

“I cannot tell you, I pinch myself every day," he said. “We’ve been together now for about two months. The celebs get a couple of weeks on their own before they get their professional.

"And then I started with her at the beginning of November and I go into work every day and let me tell you what, Christmas has come early.”

Matt has had a few bumps and bruises since starting on the show, and admitted that there's been a few close calls in training this year already.

He said: “The last serious injury I got was the skate blade to the forehead.

"No scars, so we’re all good, but yes, I’ve had a couple of scrapes from Pam and those blades are sharp.”

Matt added: “It’s so amazing to have a job like Dancing on Ice and become friends with your heroes.

"Jane and Christopher are absolutely incredible. Things are expanding and doing whatever, but for right now, no I'm not leaving the ice.”

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