Dancing On Ice 2013: Jason Gardiner will be a 'nightmare' to the celebs!

Jason Gardiner

Dancing On Ice 2013 judge Jason Gardiner has promised to be a nightmare to this year's celebrities!

Critical Jason is back on the Dancing On Ice judging panel after being cut for the last series back in January.

After falling ratings, ITV bosses have got Jason onto the show again and he's planning to be meaner than ever!

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper last week: "A lot of the celebrities don't know I have signed up, so now I am going to be their nightmare before Christmas.

"It will be interesting to see their reaction."

Jason's past putdowns have often caused controversy, and nearly a fight with some friends and family of the stars, but he reckons its all for their own good.

Jason said: "I am who I am and ITV know that. I am going to be true to myself. I will be the judge I have been from day one and will call it as I see it. Will I tone down my comments? Absolutely not.

"I am honest and for some reason if you are honest you are seen as a bully in this country. I challenge the contestants so they become great, there is a method in my meanness."

[cat c="dancing on ice"]Dancing On Ice 2013[/cat] airs on ITV1 in the new year.

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