Tonight's final Britain's Got Talent 2012 semi-final line up

Faceteam - Britain's Got Talent 2012

Tonight is the final Britain's Got Talent 2012 semi-final, as nine acts compete for the last two spots in Sunday's final.

This evening's show sees a huge range of talent, from Basketball stunts to comics and even a Dalek impersonator.

Browse the line up below and tune in to Britain's Got Talent live form 7:30PM on ITV1.

Face Team

Age: 20 - 29
From: Budapest, Hungary
Talent: Basketball/Trampoline stunts

Face Team call themselves a professional Trampoline Stunts group who mix trampolining and acrobatic stunts with basketball tricks. The ten strong team from Hungary formed in 2004 after Aron won a Freestyle basketball contest and decided he wanted to expand his efforts and recruit additional members. They have performed all around the world with their act and Daniel from the group holds the World Record for achieving the ‘Furthest Slam Dunk from a trampoline’. They wanted to compete in Britain’s Got Talent this year to showcase their talent and impress the country with their unique stunts and tricks.


Hope - Britain's Got Talent 2012Hope Murphy

Age: 16
From: Upminster, Essex
Talent: Singing
Hope has been singing since the age of two when her mum said she sang along to the radio when they were in the car. She lives in Essex with her mum and dad and twin sister Grace. She is currently studying for her GCSEs and she is very proud to say that she sang at the Royal Albert Hall when she was 14.


Grieg Stewart

Age: 27
From: Glasgow, Scotland
Talent: Musician – Lazor Harp
Grieg started playing the lazor harp two years ago when the technology became. His performance name is ‘Theremin Hero’. His passion started when he was in school and took an interest in composing songs using computers. Grieg describes himself as a ‘certified geek’ and his biggest performance to date was at an international gaming convention in Germany.


Strictly Wheels - Britain's Got Talent 2012Strictly Wheels

Age: Gary 38 and Paula 41
From: Manchester
Talent: Wheelchair Dance Sport

Best friends Gary and Paula from Manchester danced their way into the semi-finals to Alicia Keys’ New York. Paula has been a wheelchair user for eight years after contracting MRSA, 17 years ago, while being treated in hospital for pneumonia. She and Gary started dancing together two years ago. They now dance all over Europe and they can’t wait for the live shows.


Billy George

Age: 21
From: Batley, Yorkshire
Talent: Cyr Wheel Performer

Brought up in Batley, Yorkshire Billy has lived in London for the last three years to study circus skills at college. He is one of only a few people in the country that perform using the Cyr Wheel and Billy has endured a few injuries from learning to use it –from the 18 kilos of steel wheel falling onto his leg to bashing his eye and tearing ligaments in his thumb in training. He wants to know what the public think of his act and can’t wait for the live shows.


Martyn - Britain's Got Talent 2012Martyn Crofts

Age: 42
From: Skipton, Yorkshire
Talent: Dalek impersonator

Martin has been doing his act since he first watched Dr Who when he was six. He works in banking, but has done his impression in every interview he has ever had and got the job! He also has a love for cheesy karaoke!


Aquabatique - Britain's Got Talent 2012Aquabatique

Age: 21 – 28
From: Yately, Birmingham / Shrewsbury, Shropshire / Aldershot, Hampshire
Talent: Synchronised swimming

Aquabatique is a synchronised swimming performance group which was founded three years ago and has since won “Entertainment act of the year” 2011. Their act was first inspired by a Cirque Du Soleil “fish bowl” performance, which gave them the idea to develop their act through performing in a glass tank and giving their performance a true visual spin on what can be a difficult sport to really understand when done in a pool. All of the girls, Emily, Zoe, Elizabeth and Jazmine have backgrounds in high level competitive synchronised swimming both nationally and internationally and they are continuously training vigorously to maintain their level of fitness and skill. They would love for their involvement in BGT to allow them to perform and swim as their full time careers.


Callum George - Britain's Got Talent 2012Callum Oakley

Age: 16
From: Moreton, Merseyside
Talent: Comedian
Callum has been performing stand up for two and a half years. He first started when a stand up training scheme came to his school called ‘Stand Out’ and he did a six week training course. His major influences include Norman Wisdom, Michael McIntyre and Lee Evans.


Britain's Got Talent 2012 - RyanRyan O’Shaughnessy

Age: 19
From: Dublin
Talent: Singer/Songwriter

Ryan is a singer/songwriter from Dublin and he’s currently studying music at college. He comes from a musical family - his dad is in a band and his mum used to sing vocals in a band. His claim to fame is that he once appeared in Fair City - a soap opera in Ireland.