Britain's Got Talent producers "really worried" about ill Jonathan Antoine

Britain's Got Talent - Jonathan and Charlotte

Britain's Got Talent producers are apparently "really worried" about Jonathan Antoine ahead of tonight's live show.

The 16-year-old has been ill all week, with doctors ordering him to get rest before the semi-final performance.

“Producers are also really worried about Jonathan after he was ordered home to rest before his performance tonight, a source said today.

Speaking to The Sun, the insider added: "He is still unwell with a nasty cold and has also had a reaction to the antibiotics he was taking, so he is also being sick.”

Jonathan himself admitted he was "nervous" about singing with the cold.

He told the newspaper: “I am steaming my vocal chords and I am on tablets. I am hoping it doesn’t have an impact on my voice but I am quite nervous.”

Meanwhile singing partner Charlotte Jaconelli played down the illness.

She said: “It doesn’t affect our performance and not once has it been suggested we would drop out! Everybody gets the flu and he feels a million times better."

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