Britain's Got Talent 2012 auditions: Episode 5 review

Lauren Thalia

This week's latest Britain's Got Talent 2012 auditions show was all about the talent with a capital T.

The adorable [tag]Lauren Thalia[/tag] got the show off to a cracking start with her unique version of Turn my swag on. At just 12 years old, Lauren played her guitar and sang like a seasoned pro. A bright future awaits her. Remember the name.

Next up were French martial arts & stunt team, [tag]Cascade[/tag]. Alesha and Amanda's tongues were hanging out the minute they walked on to the stage....Mrs Midas suddenly became alert too!!

They were very good and the Karate scene at the start was entertaining but it didn't grab me. Great for a hollywood stunt show, not so good for the Queen.

The [tag]Loveable Rogues[/tag] won this weeks 'my phone going crazy with text messages' award.

They produced the performance of the night and were likened to Madness by both Simon and David. High praise indeed.

Confident, likeable and awesome musicians. These guys are ones to watch and as a talent agency owner, I would sign them tomorrow.

A compilation of acts suffering with nerves & lack of confidence followed and at the end of it all, we met comedy impersonator [tag]Marea Smithson[/tag]. So did Marea leave a good 'impression' ....mmm, not so sure. I would have enjoyed her act more, if every other word from the judges didn't focus on how nervous & shy she was. It was OK but I am not a big fan of these kind of acts. I do wish Marea loads of luck though.

Many years ago, I went to school with the fantastically talented Strictly come Dancing professional Ian Waite and, I have picked the last two winners of the show (does Mr Cowell know you watch it?), so I do know a bit about ballroom dancing. This leads me to the next act, Latin American Ballroom dancers Kai and Natalia.

It was a joy to watch these two. It was entertaining and they deserve to be on the live shows. If I was from the BBC I would sign them up as Strictly professionals ASAP...sorry Simon.

Next act, dance group Karizma Krew, did a great music mash, mixing up the music they performed too, but, (oh no, here comes the but) it was all still a bit Diversity for me and as I have said many, many times, we don't need another Diversity.

A montage of Simon being in a mood and telling the acts exactly how he felt , followed, the highlight being when he walked in to the judges room and blew a raspberry at the camera. Simon it's great to have you back.

Last up this week was 43 year old singer, [tag]Chica Latina[/tag]. Yes, you could argue the vocal was not great but it was fun and Chica was a likable person.

So with just one and a bit audition shows remaining, how we already seen the winner?... time will tell.

Right I'm off to practice my karate kicks...

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