Chica Latina wins over Britain's Got Talent 2012 judges

Chica Latina

Flirtatious singer Chica Latina won over Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent 2012 tonight.

The 43-year-old is originally from Columbia, but moved to Leamington Spa 20 years ago.

“I love the singing, I sing in the street in the car. Everywhere, everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not it’s me. I want to be la Chica Latina, be crazy all over the world," she explained before her audition.

And the saucy singer added: “I love Simon, I think he’s a power man, I think he needs Chica Latina.”

“You’re a little minx aren’t you," Simon told Chica after she walked out on stage, “You have a very naughty face”

After Chica's performance to River Deep, Mountain High, Simon is even more impressed.

"You know how to move don’t you. You know how to use those hips," he continued to flirt.

David laughed: “We have found a new diva. We’ve had people who are slightly better singers, just slightly but you were having fun so we were having fun. I mean Simon was even smiling at one point, a little bit of the darkness came out of him for just a second.”

Alesha added: "You’re feisty, you’ve got a nice fire inside of you and we felt it, we were right there with you.”

Amanda agreed, adding: “You’re a minx and I love minty ladies. I thought you moved well, you proved that Latino and Tina Turner are great together.”

Simon joked: “I suppose that’s part of your charm actually as you are completely Spanish, like an orange.”

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