Marea Smithson proves Simon Cowell wrong on Britain's Got Talent 2012

Simon Cowell

Marea Smithson surprised the Britain's Got Talent judges tonight with a range of comedy impressions.

The 38-year-old, at the auditions with her daughter and friend, admitted beforehand to being "shaky", having always been nervous.

She explained: "I’d describe myself as a shy person, I don’t know why I’ve not got much confidence, but I always prefer to be in the background.

“It can be quite tough and I think it can stop you doing a lot of things.”

She added: “When I go out on stage today I hope it works out."

But as soon as the panel heard that Maria will attempt some impressions, Simon was immediately not convinced.

He told the others: “This isn't going to be good.”

Marea however proved him wrong, as she received rapturous applause for her Weakest Link sketch, which saw impressions of Ann Robinson and Anne Windecombe.

Amanda told her: “It was a lovely surprise. I wasn’t expecting you to be as good as you were. You had confidence in being all of those other people and standing there now I can see you’re still terribly shy.”

Comic David added: “It was brilliantly funny. You had put a lot of work into getting the impressions exactly right. I think you are actually a born performer. You’re shy as yourself but you like being other people. So actually I loved the transformation.”

Simon explained: “The problem you’ve got Marea is you’ve got a confidence issue, that confidence issue has to disappear right now.

“For this to work you’ve got to walk out onto the stage with absolute ten out of ten confidence. The minute an audience feels nervous it doesn’t work so the question is whether you’ve got the determination going forward. Do you think you can handle this pressure?”

Marea insisted she could, and with that it was four yeses and off to bootcamp.

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