Kai Widdrington and Natalia Jeved wow on Britain's Got Talent 2012

Kai and Natalia

Ballroom dancing couple Kai Widdrington and Natalia Jeved impressed on Britain's Got Talent 2012 tonight.

16-year-old Kai, from Southampton, met 15-year-old Cyprus born Natalia when they were introduced by their dance teacher.

"We’ve been dancing for two years now," they explained.

Natalie revealed: “Moving from Cyprus was a pretty big commitment from me as I left my parents and family behind. It’s really nice living with Kai, it’s like a second family."

Kai added: “She lives at my house now so we can practice, pretty much her whole heart and soul goes into dancing. It’s a brother and sister sort of relationship.

“Our dream is to show that ballroom dancing is cool.”

But despite living together, the pair insisted they are just pals.

They performed a Latin American Ballroom dance for the panel, dancing to Christina Aguilera’ Show Me How You Burlesque (Spotlight).

“I was worried when you started, I thought do I really want to see people do ballroom dancing," David Walliams admitted. "But actually I think you two are fantastic dancers. I was absolutely mesmerised. I think you’ve really got a place in this competition, it was fantastic."

Alesha raved: “Do you know what I really loved about you guys is that it felt age appropriate. I think there is this perception with ballroom that it is stuffy and old and actually what you just did there was really modern and current and fresh. I wasn’t expecting to like it and actually I really really did. Your fantastic dancers, you really are.”

Simon told the pair: “I’ve just got a real feeling about you that you’re going to make something of your lives, through real hard work, focus, you look great and you’re very very commercial. But I think I’d want to see something I’ve never seen before if you make it through, something really trend setting.”

A confident Kai replied: "I'm sure we can do that."

Kai and Natalia are through to callbacks, but will they make the live shows?

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