Britain's Got Talent 2012: Episode four review

Paige Turley - Britain's Got Talent 2012

I just can't believe we are already on week four of BGT. The time is flying faster than the 60 mile an hour blast-off on the Aerosmith rock'n roller coaster at Disneyland Paris (other great theme parks are available).

This weeks show kicked off with a small segment about how great, Great Britain is. I, 100% agree.

The first act hitting the stage and hoping to win a spot at the Royal Variety show, were the Care bears, I mean the [tag]Showbears[/tag].

Their version of It's Raining Men, (we're sailor men) was fantastic. Even better than Gerry Haliwell's "version". It brought a big beaming smile to my face after a long and tiring day.

Great start to the show, but, it reached what can only be described as one of the brightest moments on TV, when judge David Walliams joined the guys on stage and redid the routine with them. The part could have been written for him.

Unsurprisingly, They 'sailed' through... sorry.

The [tag]Face Team[/tag] were up next and I initially thought this was going to be forgettable. How wrong was I?

The acrobatic basketball routine they performed, is one if the best talents I have seen on the show for quite some time. It was unique, a showcase of impressive skills that must have been difficult to master, yet made to look effortless.

Faceteam - Britain's Got Talent 2012

Now before I go on, I want you all to sit down, take deep breaths and keep calm. For the first time ever, I am going to disagree with Mr Simon Cowell....oh blimey.

Simon told the lads "what you did in between wasn't great"...I totally disagree. What they did was great and it broke up the performance in a positive way, adding to their already impressive pool of talent?

Quickly moving on....

Young singer [tag]Hope Murphy[/tag] was up next and although it was very, very good and got a rousing reception, it just didn't grab me as much as the upcoming Paige did.

After an amusing montage of some bad acts in Edinburgh, we met 14 year old [tag]Paige Turley[/tag]. Yes, another singer, but for me, Paige's vocal was of a higher standard. Imagine that voice, trained and perfected in a few years. Awesome

Dance troupe, [tag]United We Stand[/tag] were up next and if they had come on four years ago, I would have been wowed, but most of the moves and routines have already been mastered and put out to the world by dance masters Diversity. Regardless to what I think, they will still progress and I wish them well.

The show drew to a close and the final act to perform were [tag]Strictly Wheels[/tag]. I will cut to the chase here. Paula was in a wheelchair and her dance partner Gary, drew raised eyebrows from the crowd. What followed was the most outstanding, impressive, tearful and skilful performance. I was totally humbled by the commitment, loyalty and friendship these two performers had for each other, never mind how great the dance routine was. Let's see them in the final!!

A great heart warming end to another entertaining show.

Right I'm off do some slam dunks...

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