ITV moves next week's Britain's Got Talent to prevent clash with The Voice UK Battle Rounds

The Voice UKITV has backed down in its scheduling war with BBC One's The Voice UK by pushing next week's Britain's Got Talent back to a later timeslot.

The talent contests have gone head-to-head for twenty minutes every week since they started in March, after BGT boss Simon Cowell said he wanted to 'kill' The Voice, which has been a massive success globally.

However, it appears that ITV has had a change of heart after deciding to shift the 75-minute April 21st edition of BGT from 8.00pm to 8.30pm.

This means it will steer clear of The Voice's 'Battle Rounds', set to air in two 90-minute episodes next Saturday and Sunday.

The move comes after The Voice attracted higher ratings than its rival for the first time last weekend. It has also consistently thrashed BGT during their overlaps, with gaps as wide as 4million viewers.

It is currently unclear whether or not they will clash again in the future, with both shows set to move in to their live stages at the end of the month.

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