Britain's Got Talent 2012: Bosses deny Four Corners have 'unfair advantage'

Four Corners (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Britain's Got Talent 2012 hopefuls Four Corners have been caught up in controversy after it was revealed they’ve previously worked with The X Factor.

The group consists of 15 boys and 1 girl, and many have links to The X Factor, BGT's sister show.

They include their choreographer Dean Lee, who has also worked on the singing contest, and lone girl Yasmin Crotch, who has previously appeared as a backing dancing on the ITV1 series.

“There are rumblings of discontent from other acts that show staff know the choreographer and that this could prove beneficial as the competition progresses," a source told The Sun today.

Dean has also performed on The X Factor UK and the live tour, as well as helping out the show's creative director Brian Friedman.

A spokesperson for the show last night dismissed any claims of favouritism from the other acts.

They said: “To claim that this gives the group any advantage is ridiculous and totally untrue.

"The fact is that Four Corners is a fantastic act and viewers will see this for themselves on the show. The group have got where they are on their own merits.”

Meanwhile a source on the show revealed that the group were found on YouTube, not through links from The X Factor.

The insider told the tabloid: “Four Corners were discovered by a researcher looking at YouTube – nothing to do with the choreographer. Going forward we can assure that this does not give them any advantage.”

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