Britain's Got Talent 2012 violinist Analiza Ching wants to date Simon Cowell!

Anna Liza (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Raunchy Britain's Got Talent 2012 violinist Analiza Ching has revealed she wants to go on a date with BGT boss Simon Cowell.

The usually hard to please music mogul was impressed with the way Analiza handled her fiddle on Saturday night, saying she made playing the stringed instrument sexy.

Speaking to the official website about the reaction to the show, Analiza said this week: "I’m so happy. I had been concerned that my performance wasn’t dramatic enough.

"I practice for four hours each day so I’d have been gutted if I mucked up my audition."

She went on: "I had such butterflies before going on stage. I was sooo nervous about meeting Simon. He’s the most critical and straight-forward."

The sexy 27-year-old - who has been pictured posing nude with her instrument - added: "I would love to go on a date with Simon.

"I want to take him to an authentic Chinese restaurant. We’d order roast duck and the violin would stay at home!"

And she's already planned the perfect outfit for the occasion!

"I’d wear leggings, trainers and a loose top," she revealed. "I think he’s laidback when it comes to his clothes. Also, I think he’d expect me to wear something tight and sexy, so it would be fun to surprise him by turning up to our date in something a bit scruffy."

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