Britain's Got Talent 2012 auditions: Episode 3 review and recap!

Four Corners (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Week three of Britain's Got Talent arrived over the holiday period, so was it an Easter eggstravaganza or just a rotten egg...

A gang of pensioners called [tag]The Zimmers[/tag], got the show off to an interesting start. Their opening low key serenade, (cue Simon eye rolls) gave way to some wild behaviour, throwing their jackets off and bursting in to the Beastie Boys classic, (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)

They sailed through and must be in the (Zimmer) frame for a semi final place. Not sure what new material they will bring however to maintain their place. Will keep watching for the surprises.

Dance group, [tag]Four Corners[/tag] followed, and although, they were OK, I had recently seen past winners Diversity live and they were no match for them.

We then saw a small compilation of acts but none that stood out as a potential 'Midas' Act.

I have to say that the segment where David Williams 'tried' to put Simon Cowell in his place was very funny, especially when he acted as the boss and told Simon that he didn't know whether he would be inviting him back as a judge next year. Priceless.

Singer [tag]Chelsea Redfern[/tag] was up next and when it was announced that she was singing the Prince classic (not Ruth Lorenzo, as I read somewhere) Purple Rain, I was worried. It's a big song that needs a big voice.

The Zimmers (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

I had no need to worry on the latter as Chelsea nailed it with ease and sailed through. See you in the semi-finals.

Waiting backstage was the man who is personally responsible for my phone going in to over drive on Saturday. Great Britain meet Mr [tag]Zipparah Tafari[/tag] aka Zippy.

So did Zippy Bungle his performance, or did it end with a colourful Rainbow?

Zippy launched into his self-penned song, Where me keys? Where me phone? and my phone went nuts from mates telling me to sign him. The social network sites went crazy as well. The British public have an acquired taste!!

Love it or hate it, the song could be a huge summer hit.

Last up, on another hilarious show, was 16-year-old Ashleigh Butler and her dog Pudsey. The pair adore each other, best friends both on the stage and during their performance. Their Flintstone routine was brilliantly memorable and I really hope they make the Final. I also agreed with Simon when he said it was the best dog act he had ever seen.

That was it, show three done and dusted.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter break everyone and I'll see you next week.

Now I'm off to meet Zippy to get this contract signed...