The Mend will pay off debts with Britain's Got Talent 2012 £500k prize

Britain's Got Talent 2012 - The Mend

Britain's Got Talent stars The Mend have said they will pay off their debts if they win the show's £500,000 cash prize.

This year will see the winner walk away with the UK's biggest ever reality telly giveaway, with £250,000 coming straight from Simon Cowell.

But if it comes The Mend's way, they're not going to rush out and splash the cash.

"The first thing we'll do with the money is pay off our debts. We're on hardly any income right now. We've borrowed and borrowed," the boys confessed this week.

They explained: "You end up borrowing to borrow and borrowing to pay off what you borrowed. And the next thing you know, you owe half the world some money. It would be great to pay everyone off."

The group impressed the judges at the weekend, performing a unique take on Otis Reading track Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay, and won themselves a place in the next round.

Speaking to DigitalSpy, the [tag]The Mend[/tag] also said they'd love to invest in their own studio if they won the show next month.

They revealed: "We'd love to invest in our own studio as well and invest in the community, helping other people get into music. It sounds corny, but music can save lives. It's a massive, massive part of our lives as well. We might buy a Ford Mustang as well.

"We haven't really thought about the money too much, but everyone else keeps mentioning it. If we do win, we'll have a bloody good night out."

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