Ryan O’Shaughnessy's no name girl Katie Lucia Keegan not won over by his song!

Britain's Got Talent 2012 - Ryan

That awkward moment when you sing a heartfelt song for your crush in front of 12 million viewers and she still turns you down.

Poor [tag]Ryan O’Shaughnessy[/tag] has reportedly been snubbed by [tag]Katie Lucia Keegan[/tag], the girl about whom his 'No Name' track was written.

Ryan performed the ballad on Saturday night's Britain's Got Talent, winning himself a place in the next round but not in Katie's heart.

Despite saying yesterday he was hoping to ask Katie out on a date, she has insisted he's stuck in the friend zone.

A source close to Katie told The Sun today: “I’m afraid it might be too late for Ryan. He’s a great guy but Katie has got the pick of the men.

“They are really good friends and have been for ages but that’s as far as it goes.

“There is someone else she is keen on. I suppose she could change her mind and if he goes all the way in the competition, who knows.”

Speaking at Ryan's audition on Saturday night, Simon Cowell had told him: “So that’s the first time she’s ever going to hear it? Wow. Well if that doesn’t work, nothing will.”

And the Dublin singer had promised this week: “If I win I’ll spend my £500,000 on a holiday for just the two of us and maybe a sparkly ring if she’s lucky.”

But even Ryan's dad didn't see any relationship blossoming, revealing: “I don’t think there’s any chance of them getting together.

“They’re just friends, they’ve been friends for ages.

“He’s very fond of her. They’ve been mates since school.

“Ryan wanted to tell her something and did it on national telly.

“They are not an item and never have been. It’s not going to happen, unfortunately."

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