Britain's Got Talent 2012: Episode two review!

Britain's Got Talent 2012 - Ashley

Following the fantastic opening show last week, Britain's Got Talent had a lot to live up to this week and Ant & Dec got the show off to a flying start.

The auditions opened in Blackpool and we were reminded that the last time Simon 'Jaws music' Cowell was here, he wasn't impressed with the talent, or should we say lack of.

Lily and the Pineapple hunks (are you sure it’s not chunks) were up first and let's just say, it was a resounding no from the judges.

A few really bad acts followed and it looked like the curse of Blackpool had struck again...then, along came Ashley.

16 year old [tag]Ashley Elliott[/tag] played the xylophone like a man possessed and my golly, was he good. His performance exuberated passion and his expertise was there for all too see. What a pleasure it was to see him get through. He may not win, but the platform that the show will give him will change his life.

Burlesque dancer [tag]Beatrix Von Bourbon[/tag] was up next and she wowed Simon and David by showing them her tassels (I said tassels). She also showed a couple of other things, but I won't go in to that.

Brilliant boy band [tag]The Mend[/tag] were up next. I really think these guys have a fantastic chance of winning the show.

Great vocals, great rapping and they look good. The boy band market may be saturated at the moment, but these guys have an edge to them that will set them apart. They reminded me of a young East 17. (now I sound like Louis Walsh)

Up next, who, in their own words can be described as an "older Little Mix". A girl group made up of 30 to 56 year olds, they named themselves Déjà Vu...I had the feeling I had seen them before. Sorry.

After they were quickly put to the sword, we then met two familiar faces...

Ashley and Glen, 2010 runner up act, Twist and Pulse, returned to the show with their new project, the [tag]Twist and Pulse Dance Company[/tag].

The duo watched backstage as their act stormed though with flying colours. It was great to watch, clean, synchronised moves, but they will need to step it up a notch to outdo their bosses and their runner up position.

Last in the line up from tonight's entertaining show, was 19 year old singer songwriter [tag]Ryan O’Shaughnessy[/tag].

Ryan told the judges that he had written the song for his secret love. The song was very good and would melt anyone's heart if it was wrote for them. Ryan breezed through. Wonder who the lucky lady is? Even Simon failed to squeeze out her name.

So that was that, already two shows down but we do have a short list of potential winners. Roll on week three.

Now, I wonder if Beatrix has a website...

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