Britain's Got Talent 2012 star Jonathan Antoine doesn't want a makeover!

Britain's Got Talent - Jonathan and Charlotte

Britain's Got Talent singing sensation [tag]Jonathan Antoine[/tag] had said he'll never get a makeover, or cut his long hair!

The talented teenager wowed audiences on Saturday night with his Operatic voice, singing alongside pal Charlotte.

But his audition didn't start off well, with Simon remarking as the pair walked out on stage, "Just when it couldn’t get any worse."

Speaking to the official Britain's Got Talent website, Jonathan said: "I know I don’t look like a standard performer. I just went out there in my normal clothes, so I expected there would be a little bit of a reaction. I was hoping our performance would show them differently."

Charlotte added: "Every time you see someone you judge. Everyone does it - Simon Cowell is just the same as any normal human being so he is going to judge people, too."

But the pair insisted they didn't want a makeover, with Charlotte explaining: "I wouldn’t want to change my image. People should be able to accept you for what you are."

Jonathan agreed, saying: "I’m just me. I wouldn’t mind some nice new clothes if anyone is willing to give them to me."

And any chance of a hair dresser getting near Jonathan's head was also dismissed, with the 17-year-old laughing: "I wouldn’t be me without my long hair."

Britain's Got Talent 2012 continues this Saturday night on ITV1.


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