Jonathan Antoine hopes Britain's Got Talent 2012 will boost his confidence

Britain's Got Talent - Jonathan and Charlotte

Jonathan Antoine has said that he hopes taking part on Britain's Got Talent will help to boost his confidence after a nervous breakdown last year at the hands of bullies.

17-year-old Jonathan, who wowed with pal Charlotte on last night's opening episode, revealed how he had been driven out of his school after being picked on for his weight.

He explained: “I had the Mick taken out of me and it kind of damaged my confidence quite a bit.

“When people would say something to me, it would just take a little piece out of me, in a sense.”

Meanwhile Jonathan admitted he might consider going solo, after Simon Cowell suggested he split from Charlotte after their performance for the judges at auditions in London.

But he insisted: “I would make sure Charlotte would be OK for me to do that first.”

Charlotte herself added: "I told Jonathan beforehand that if that did happen he needs to think what he wants to do.”

Simon praised Jonathan for sticking by Charlotte on the show, telling the Daily Star Sunday yesterday: “When I’ve asked that question before most people can’t get rid of the other person quick enough.

“I would be interested in signing him but we will have to see how they go in the next round.”

Britain's Got Talent 2012 continues this Saturday on ITV1.


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