Britain's Got Talent 2012: Episode One review

Britain's Got Talent - Sam Kelly

The ITV hit show is back for a sixth series. Amanda Holden is joined on the new look panel by Alesha Dixon and David Walliams. And he's back. The King of all judges, Mr Simon Cowell. Thank heavens for that!

Even the prize money has gone up to a whopping £500,000... wish I had entered now with my talking cat!

Our favourite reality TV hosts, Ant and Dec, got the show off to a rocking good start. No don't stop us now, we're ready for a good time... and we're now ready to see if Britain still has talent.

First up was Anthony, aka Maximus, a man dressed as a Roman doing impressions from the film Gladiator.

"is that it?" Simon said at the finale... taxius for Maximus.

Skate of Mind were up next, a pair of male and female roller skaters who were only made memorable by David Walliams's "have you ever made love wearing the roller-skates?" line..wheelie good David.

Then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we saw our first good act. 19 year old [tag]Sam Kelly[/tag]. Sam played his guitar and sang beautifully, a real star in the making and the silent crowd reaction brought home just how good he was.

Simon said: "when you've got absolute silence in a room like this, you've nailed it." A certain semi finalist.

A dancing montage took up most of the second part, one of the highlights was Alesha telling an act, who questioned her judgement that "I don't play the drums but I still know what a drum kit is"

Soran and Bradley aka [tag]Sugar Dandies[/tag], were up next. A ballroom dancing act. They were very good and I really did enjoy the genuine love they had for each other but I don't really know where this act can go in terms of the show. Still they got through and I wish them loads of luck.

The montage of Simon and David's blossoming bromance was hilarious and ended with David going down on one knee and kissing Simons hand.

Britain's Got Talent 2012 judges

So with two acts already through, we needed another one and we found it with 133 piece choir, Only Boys Aloud. The 14-19 year old lads are from South Wales and are expertly conducted by teacher Tim.

I have to say, choir singing is not really my thing but these lads were good. Very good. The audience and judges loved them and they sailed through.

One of the highlights of the night for me was Barbara and Bradley, a poem reciter and dancer (cough). Barbara started by telling us that she was "nominated poet of the year in Vegas"....but she didn't bother going. I think the gamble was right Barbara.

When asked if they were more than friends, Barbara said "we're not in a relationship because he looks like an owl doesn't he"...what a hoot.

Sadly Barbara and Bradley didn't make it through but Dennis lived to fight another day.

Up next was [tag]Dennis Egel[/tag] and it was all a bit strange. A bit too much gold for my liking. The only highlight was Ant running on to try and help Dennis with a fallen prop on his costume, which then came off in his hands.

After a brief montage of bad acts, we met Charlotte and [tag]Jonathan Antoine[/tag].

Now I have to admit that when Jonathan told us he had always had a problem with his size and that kids took the mick out of him I just knew he was going to be good.

When he walked out on stage Simon turned to Carmel Electra (now filling in for Amanda) and made a comment about "just when you think it can't get any worse"...

Charlotte were fantastic but Jonathan was world class, a rough diamond just waiting to get some of Simon's magic help. If someone can sing with that quality at 17 just imagine them in a few years with some professional guidance. Wow.

A certain finalist.

So that was it, the first show over. I personally think it was one of the best openings to a BGT for years. It was funny and the production levels have been stepped up a few notches.

Before I go, I attended the press launch of the show last week and want to thank everyone involved for a brilliant and memorable day.

I even got to shake the hand of the great man himself. Thanks Simon.

Now I need to go and get a contact number for Barbara and Bradley...

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