Britain's Got Talent 2012: Jonathan Antoine 'doesn't want to be compared to SuBo'

Britain's Got Talent - Jonathan and Charlotte

New Britain's Got Talent singing sensation [tag]Jonathan Antoine[/tag] has tried to distance himself from comparisons to Susan Boyle and Paul Potts this morning, insisting he wants to be known as his own person.

The teenager was seen on last night's show wowing the judges with pal Charlotte as the pair performed a Pop-Opera duet together.

Despite the rather obvious comparisons to Susan Boyle, Jonathan insisted today: "What I don’t want is to be roped into a category with other people."

He told the Daily Mail: "I wasn’t too worried about appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, because I wanted to show people the singing.

"If anything I was hoping that because I don’t look like a typical person who’d be in the limelight, it would help. I’d like to show that a person is more than a body."

The 17-year-old also revealed he suffered from a Back nervous breakdown back in October after being bullied because of his weight.

He explained: "At that point I left the school I was at; me and school just don’t get on."

But Jonathan says that the team at BGT know about his background and have been treating him very well.

"Britain’s Got Talent has been a fun experience to do and it’s been nice to be around all these people," he told the newspaper today. "But I’ve also been seeing a psychiatrist and so I’m just on a really good road to somewhere. Britain’s Got Talent have been very helpful."


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