Wacky Dennis Egel a surprise success on Britain's Got Talent 2012

Britain's Got Talent - Dennis

Wacky Britain's Got Talent contestant Dennis Egel managed to claw his way into the next round of auditions on tonight's show, after a bizarre performance.

The 43-year-old from Germany was seen on this evening's opening episode singing to Evanescence ‘Wake me up Inside’, as he revealed a golden suit attached to his body complete with wings.

Speaking before his try out, Dennis revealed: "My name is Dennis Egel, I am 43 years old. My job is to be window dresser and my talent I’m singing.

"Singing is the very, very important thing for me and people hear my words - That’s the greatest thing for me, they know ooh, that I can sing. Simon always wants a different thing, cause he’s seen so much singers and I think this different I can bring - I want to impress the judges today with my really performing."

After Dennis' performance, Simon remarked: "Dennis, arguably one of the craziest things, I have ever, ever seen in my life."

He added: "You are I think, barking mad."

David raved: "I loved it!

"You know, we sort of know something was coming because there was a lot of kind of costume and then a bit fell off but that only made it better really."

Alesha wasn't convinced - despite loving his golden shower cap - and gave the singer a no.

But with yeses from Simon, David and guest judge Carmen Electra, it was an through to callbacks for Dennis.

Watch [tag]Dennis Egel[/tag]'s audition on Britain's Got Talent below...

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