Britain's Got Talent 2012 auditions: Sugar Dandies make it through!

Britain's Got Talent - Sugar Dandies

Gay couple the Sugar Dandies performed a moving ballroom dance on tonight's Britain's Got Talent opener that won over the show's new look panel.

Performing for the judges as auditions kicked off in Manchester, Soran and Bradley, 40, from London, performed to ‘You raise me up’ by West Life

The pair, who revealed how they had met at a gay choral conference in Tamper in Florida explained: "We’ve been together for 16 years and we got married 5 years ago

"Soran proposed I think after 5 days, is that right? I think it was 5 days. I

"I think we’ve always known that we were going to be together. It’s said that Ballroom dancing is the closest thing to flying that a human being will ever experience and I think that’s probably what it feels like to dance with someone you love. I can’t really imagine my life without him."

After a moving dance for the panel, which included some surprising lifts, the judges had their say.

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha told the pair: "That was a real love story, I just fell in love with you, you dance beautifully together – Honestly I’ve never seen it before and I would love to see it again. Well done.

David added: "As soon as you started dancing your love for dancing and love for each other really came across and it was really truly moving."

Amanda raved: "It was a really courageous piece and I found it absolutely beautiful and inspiring, congratulations – Brilliant."

Simon however was more critical: "Thank you guys. Well look, it was different. My gut feeling is that you shouldn’t have picked up the tall one at the end because you nearly fell over – he did!"

But despite his reservations, it was a yes from the music mogul and all of the other judges for Soran and Bradley to make the next round of auditions.

Watch [tag]Sugar Dandies[/tag]'s audition on Britain's Got Talent below...

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