Amanda Holden has had enough of street dancers on Britain's Got Talent

Amanda Holden (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has said she's had enough of street dancing on the show, saying she doesn't want either a dancer or singer winning the show this year.

Speaking ahead of Saturday's launch, Amanda complained that the dance troupes that auditioned on the show this year weren't as "organic" as previous winners such as Diversity.

"I think I’ve seen enough of street dancing. Diversity and Flawless had such a wow factor, which they still have now, and they make everything they do really inventive and exciting," Amanda said. "They set the bar really high and a lot of the dance troupes we’ve had on the show since just don’t live up to the expectations we now have.

"These street dance groups come on and say they’re going to be amazing and unique and they’re often not. It’s frustrating when we see great dancers, doing a routine that someone else has choreographed. What makes the likes of Diversity and Flawless so fantastic is that their work is so organic; it all comes from within the group.

"There isn’t a teacher telling them where to stand or what to wear. It’s not cool, it’s not what I want to see at all. Bring back lycra and sequins, I want more of that!"

The West End actress added: "We’ve had dancers, we’ve had singers, so I would like to see someone or something win the show that we’ve never seen before."

Teasing one such act, Amanda revealed: "This year there was a group of people that passed my goose bump test with flying colours.

"If I get goose bumps during a performance it’s usually a really good sign. We’ve certainly never had an act like this on the show before and they gave me that feeling in my tummy that I always get when I think I’ve seen a winner."

Britain's Got Talent 2012 starts this Saturday at 8PM on ITV1.

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