Simon Cowell thinks the contestants on Britain's Got Talent are better now he's back!

Simon Cowell says he thinks the standard of contestants on Britain's Got Talent is higher now he's returned to its judging panel full-time!

The 52-year-old media mogul was absent for most of last year's series, appearing only as a fourth judge on the live semi-finals.

But, having been unsure about whether or not to make an auditions comeback, Simon says he's glad to be sitting behind the desk again, alongside his old chum Amanda Holden and new faces David Walliams and Alesha Dixon.

He commented: "I am really happy to be back on the BGT judging panel.

"I wasn’t sure first of all if I wanted to do it, but now I’ve got stuck in it’s a big, big difference being there from the beginning compared to last year when I just had to come in and do the live shows. You don’t feel connected.

"Now I feel connected and I think the talent is better now that I am back."

Asked what he misses most about Britain when he's away, Simon said: "Fish and Chips, proper curry and I love working with an English audience. It’s unique, when you’ve got 3,000 people behind you and you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen on the day, it’s both fun and scary."

He added: "I’m not one of those Brits who went off to America and said I’m not going to come back, I would never do that. I come back here to recharge my British batteries – it’s important."

The new series of Britain's Got Talent - which faces stiff competition from BBC One rival The Voice UK - kicks off on Saturday at 8pm on ITV1.

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