Britain's Got Talent: Simon Cowell pinched Alesha Dixon from the BBC to 'even the score'

Alesha Dixon (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Simon Cowell has said that pinching Alesha Dixon from the BBC for Britain's Got Talent was about "evening the score".

Speaking to the Daily Mail today, the music mogul said that it was "right" for him to do something to get back atthe Beeb for their competitive behaviour.

"The BBC always said they are not there to compete, which is a complete load of rubbish," he told the newspaper. "They are the most competitive people I’ve ever met. I don’t dislike them for it but you’ve got to be honest.

"They throw everything at Strictly for one reason only – to beat The X Factor – and they are putting The Voice on to compete with Got Talent. It was only right I did something back to them."

This year's Britain's Got Talent - which launches on Saturday - will see Alesha join Simon, Amanda Holden and fellow new judge David Walliams.

"We pinched Alesha," Simon admits openly. "In the grand scheme of things that’s fun, that’s not being ruthless. It’s just evening the score."

And Simon shrugged off other people's opinions on what many would see as petty retaliations.

"I think people like you more, it’s more interesting than behaving in a boring way," he added.

Britain’s Got Talent kicks off at 8PM on ITV1 this weekend.

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