Amanda Holden says she returned to Britain's Got Talent 2012 'for her daughters'

Amanda Holden (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Amanda Holden has once again defended her quick return to Britain's Got Talent, saying it's important for her daughters to see her continue to be "the same old mum".

Amanda was back on the judges' desk just three weeks after a traumatic birth, which left her close to death after losing nearly 15 litres of blood.

Some have criticised the West End star, now mum to daughters one month old Hollie Rose and six-year-old Lexi, for 'abandoning' her children to chase fame.

But Amanda insisted: "Going back to work when I did is how I deal with things. I always face life head on. I wanted to get back."

She continued: "It was important that I did something normal and show my six-year-old daughter Lexi that I was still the same old mum.

"She came home one day and I was still in my pyjamas. She said, 'I wish I could be in my pyjamas'. And then I thought, I'm never wearing my pyjamas all day again.

"So I did my hair no matter how I was feeling and I came down in the morning. I had to put breakfast on the table when I was feeling like a zombie.

"But it made me stronger and I was determined to get back to work as soon as I physically could."

Amanda also revealed how producers had binned plans for her to return to the show with judge David Walliams as Little Britain characters Lou Todd and Andy Pipkin.

She added: "I joked that I wanted David Walliams to push me on to the stage in a wheelchair, like Wheelchair Andy in Little Britain.

"The producers didn't see the funny side on that one. They're probably right. But I've got to have a sense of humour about it — and I'm the only one who's allowed to!"

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