Britain's Got Talent bosses want to ban booing as Carmen Electra jibes continue

Carmen Electra on BGTBritain's Got Talent producers apparently want to ban its audience from booing after Carmen Electra continued to recieve a poor reception yesterday.

The former Baywatch babe proved a flop on her debut as a guest judge at the London auditions, where she's standing in for Amanda Holden.

But the mood failed to lighten on her second day, with The Mirror reporting that staff were forced to intervene as the 39-year-old faced chants of 'Who are ya?' and 'Bring Amanda back!'.

One person who attended the show yesterday said: "There was a lot of really loud, angry noise directed at Carmen. It was getting difficult for the microphones to pick up what was going on between the judges and the acts.

"Carmen was clearly getting anxious about it, too. The audience was asked to stop shouting for Amanda because it was ‘interrupting the show’.

Even new panellist David Walliams teased Carmen, with the source explaining: "He had a pop at her when Carmen told a 12-year-old she didn’t know what would happen when his voice broke.

"David deadpanned: ‘It’ll get deeper.’ That got the biggest cheer of the day. He later told Carmen to watch the acts – not Simon."

The crowd was already annoyed after bosses stopped them from drinking alcohol during filming. A source said: "BGT is a family show, so they don’t want too much swearing from the crowd or drunken audience members.

"They also wanted to cut down on the number of people nipping out to the loos during recording."

Carmen will make her final appearance on the panel today, with Amanda set to return at the Edinburgh auditions this weekend.