Britain's Got Talent 2012: David Hasselhoff says he will be back!

David Hasselhoff

Despite reports that he has been axed from the show, it seems the news hasn’t quite yet reached Britain's Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff. Speaking to Absolute Radio, the former Baywatch star said he was going to be back for next year's series.

It had been reported that The Hoff had been cut from the panel after "failing to connect" with the acts, but he says Simon Cowell was more than happy with the show.

"I wouldn't leave the show. When the show was over, the last conversation I had with Simon [Cowell] before he sailed away was 'Darling, are you coming back?'. And I said, 'Absolutely'. So I'm coming back," David said.

"Who knows, you know? Stranger things have happened. I know that Michael [McIntyre]'s not coming back but no-one has called to say 'Hey, you're officially on the board'."

He added: "You know they usually do this at the last minute. It's always kind of a last thing negotiation but I loved it, man, it was great.

"I really got to put a face behind the people who watch my show and it was a lot of fun. Now that I know the accents and I know where I'm going, obviously I'm going to come back. What language were they speaking?"

But while The Hoff could be back in, Michael McIntyre is definitely out, with a number of names linked to replacing him.

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