Britain's Got Talent 2017 auditions results: All the judges' verdicts from week five

Who was buzzed off in the latest episode - and who got Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer?

Matt Edwards.

A terrifying knife-thrower, a group of scary dancing clowns and an, er, human dog took to the Britain's Got Talent 2017 stage tonight for its fifth week of auditions.

Judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams didn't hold back in the latest episode, buzzing off several (rather rubbish) acts.


Even decent ones failed to make the cut, with a dance crew dividing the panel despite putting in an impressive performance.

However, one hopeful eventually won four yesses when they kept on playing in the face of the red crosses.


And there was joy for a comedy magician when Ant and Dec found him so funny that they hit the Golden Buzzer.

Here's the full rundown of tonight's results!

The Yesses

TapTastik (3 yesses) - Teacher Andrew went out on stage alone, but was gradually joined by more and more of his students throughout their tap-dancing display. It initially failed to impress Simon and Alesha, who both buzzed - but Alesha changed her mind and gave them the third yes they neeeded, noting: "I appreciate how much work goes in to something like this."


TNG (4 yesses) - To use Alesha's words, TNG (The Next Generation, to give them their full title) "scared the living daylights" out of the judges by creeping up on them at the desk in their clown costumes. The troupe eventually burst out in to a dance routine that David described as "imaginative", adding: "I think you're really gonna stand out."

Tyrone and Mina (4 yesses) - There was another fright when Tyrone and Mina came out with one of the most dangerous acts of the series so far: knife-throwing. Mina ducked and dodged to avoid Tyrone's blades as he hurled them in her direction - before upping the ante by setting them on fire. They left with four yesses, although Simon admitted: "I personally found it very uncomfortable to watch."

Tyrone and Mina.
Tyrone and Mina.

Mal Ford (4 yesses) - Retired showbiz manager Mal's keyboard version of 'La Bamba' was quickly buzzed by all four judges - but he continued playing regardless. Ant eventually went out on stage to get him to stop, but ended up being roped in to his performance! With the audience on his side, Mal eventually won over the judges and earned a place on the shortlist.

Jamie Lee Harrison (4 yesses) - Pub and club singer Jamie was tempted to give up his dream after people told him he 'didn't have what it takes'. However, he proved his haters wrong when his cover of REM's 'Everybody Hurts' won a standing ovation. "Your heart and your warmth just oozes out of you," Amanda commented, with Simon adding: "I heard real soul. You're exactly the kind of person I wanna find when we make these shows."

Angelicus Celtis (4 yesses) - Angelicus is a choir of Welsh schoolgirls taught by their biggest inspiration, Mr Williams, who formed the group with his wife. Sadly, she passed away before she got to see them perform. The group sang 'Nessun Dorma' in her memory and won high praise from Simon, who reacted: "I've heard this song a lot. This was, in my opinion, the most beautiful, incredible version of the song."

Matt Edwards (Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer) - Matt went out on stage like a deer caught in headlights, telling the judges he specialises in 'crazy, variety' magic rather than sleight-of-hand. His zany trick started with a shot of tequila, and ended with a seemingly endless supply of salt pouring from his hand.

Chuckling from the sidelines, Ant commented: "It's like if Lee Evans done magic". Just as the judges were about to vote, he and Dec went out to hit the Golden Buzzer, guaranteeing Matt's place in the live shows.

The Nos

Chris Lumb and Natalie Smeaton (4 nos) - Natalie got Simon's hopes up when she said she'd brought him the ultimate dog act: a pooch that could sing. Those hopes were then smashed to smithereens when she brought out her comedy partner Chris in a dog costume. All four judges instantly buzzed them off, with Alesha exclaiming: "I'm really disappointed, you little con artist you!"


Jo and Joanne (4 nos) - The judges were baffled when Jo began her lacklustre rendition of 'What A Feeling' - and was soon joined by her friend Joanne doing lacklustre roller-skating tricks. Even the normally easily impressed David said: "You know what, it was a bit ****, I've got to be honest with you!"

Will Oldfield (4 nos) - Barista Will may want to stick to making coffee, as his cringeworthy comedy went down like a lead balloon with the Blackpool audience. As resident funnyman David reviewed: "Stand up comedy is one of the hardest things to do, and you just proved that!"

Des Dillon (4 nos) - Des boldly proclaimed that his puppets can win BGT, but was shown the door after his bizarre Irish dance routine with his old woman puppet Peigi. "It was like Amanda before botox!" joked Simon. "I don't know what the act was supposed to be."


Nu Vybe (2 nos) - Burnley dance crew Nu Vybe worked the stage with their street moves, but unfortunately the panel was split on how good they were. Alesha noted their "raw talent" and joined David in giving them a yes - but Amanda and Simon turned them down, the latter commenting: "No-one's gonna go home in an hour and say it was great."

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