First Britain’s Got Talent audition ends in chaos with out of control dogs

Britain's Got Talent 2017 kicks off next weekend and here's a very first look at this year's auditions.

Spoiler: Expect things to be as wacky as ever.

In this first teaser from series 11, the judges and Ant & Dec take on ‘Dog Yoga’ with their own pets during a contestant's audition .

The preview clip will premiere before Coronation Street on ITV tonight as BGT contestant and yoga instructor Mahny & her pet dog Robbie take to the stage and begin their routine.

While the judges, Ant & Dec and their pooches watch and wait for the audition to finish, Ant’s dog strolls onto the stage eager to take part.


Mahny ends up inviting the judges and Ant & Dec to join her on stage with their canines, asking them to remove their shoes and socks as they find a mat.

However, it seems the excitement is too much for Ant’s dog who unexpectedly wees on the BGT stage!

The rest of the gang - Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden & Dec - continue on with their first ever experience of 'dog yoga'.

Things then get even more out of control when Mahny's pooch Robbie does not agree and wees on David’s shoes in protest, much to Dec’s amusement!

You can watch a preview of the chaotic scenes set to air later this month in the video above.

Will Mahny & Robbie get enough yeses from the judges to make it through their audition despite the few slip-ups?

Find out when Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV on Saturday 15th April at 8pm