X Factor's Bradley Hunt auditioned for Britain's Got Talent... with song about chicken

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X Factor hopeful Bradley Hunt previously auditioned for Britain's Got Talent with song about chicken.

We would say you couldn't make it up, but then we wouldn't be shocked if someone did.

Bradley appeared on The X Factor on Saturday night alongside Ottavio Columbro and they had everyone talking with their audition.

The pair had originally planned to audition for the show together but had an argument before their performance over raw chicken, of all things.

So they instead decided to audition separately before the judges persuaded them to reunite.

They went on to sing Pussycat Dolls' Buttons together and made scraped their way through to bootcamp with three yeses.

Now Bradley has revealed how he previously auditioned for Britain's Got Talent solo with a song about chicken called Side Order.

Ottavio told The Sun newspaper: “He did his own song, Side Order about chicken nuggets…”

Bradley added: "It was about being a side order – don’t be a chicken wing – I’m always the bit on the side.”

The pair laughed off the coincidence: “It’s food, we just love food!”

Yesterday the duo were forced to deny that their chicken drama at the weekend was staged for the cameras after it exploded online

"It was genuine," Bradley said on ITV's This Morning "The thing is, we are just dramatic people. Even the way we dress is dramatic.

"We always fall out over silly things but then we make up again."

The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

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