Shock as America's Got Talent crossbow act goes wrong LIVE

One act over on America's Got Talent left the judges and audience shocked last night when it went wrong, LIVE.

America's Got Talent is currently in the middle of its live shows and one act proved just how dangerous that can be.

Real life couple Ryan Stock & AmberLynn make up a Daredevil Team and for their live performance put on a show of stunts, including 'twisted' sword swallowing.

For their final stunt, AmberLynn climbed on top of a ladder with a crossbow, planning on shooting a flaming arrow at fiancé Ryan's face, as he held a sword down his throat with a target on the end at his mouth.

However the arrow missed the target and instead shot into Ryan's neck.

Amazingly, it didn't seem to cause too much damage other than winding Ryan, as stage hands rushed on to put out the fire.

Host Nick Cannon was quick to make sure Ryan was okay as the judges - Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell - and audience were left stunned in silence.

You can watch a clip of the moment it all goes wrong above, and here's a clip of the (edited) full performance below...

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