Britain's Got Talent 2016 winner Richard Jones teases Royal Variety plans

Richard Jones

Britain's Got Talent 2016 winner Richard Jones has confessed he's got something "special" lined up for the Royal Variety.

However he also admitted to completely forgetting about the prize and panicking at first about what he was going to do.

Reflecting after his victory at the weekend, Richard said: "I completely forgot that that was even one of the prizes until this morning, actually, when they said, 'What are you going to do at the Royal Variety?'

"I suddenly thought, 'Wow, I don't know actually!' But it turns out the Royal Variety is in November so I've got a bit of time to plan."

Richard went on to tease: "So I'm hoping to do something very special again and hopefully something patriotic again. That would be great."

At the weekend, Richard performed a special magic trick linked to his role in the army and it obviously won over viewers.

Richard told DigitalSpy: "It's the tenth series of Britain's Got Talent, it's the Queen's 90th birthday, there's so many patriotic things going on at the moment.

"Obviously the Queen's having her birthday parade in two weeks. And there was the HMQ90 Awards show two weeks ago now.

"So it's just a great time for Britain and the most proud that we've been, probably the most proud year we've had in a long time, so I think it was the right time to do it."

Even though he's now had the weekend for his BGT victory to settle in, Richard went on to say it still feels like he's in a dream.

"So much has happened in the last few weeks - it's all come as such a sudden thing," he explained. "Even now I think I'm in some sort of bizarre dream and it's not really happening."

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