Britain's Got Talent sword swallower Alex Magala accused of 'FAKING' his final performance

bgt alex

Alexandr Magala's Britain's Got Talent 2016 final performance caught the eye of many viewers last night.

And some eagle eyed BGT fans reckon all might not have been as it seemed.

The daredevil sword swallower stunned the judges again with his last performance of the series, handcuffing himself before dropping face first down a poll on the stage into a chainsaw.

But a number of viewers took to Twitter shortly after to point out what looked to be a safety wire holding Alex in place.

"#BGTFinal not so scary when a wire stops you," one Twitter user quipped online.

Another wrote: "Nice wire to support you #BGT."

Alex - who had to pre-recorded the performance in front of the judges and audience for Health and Safety reasons - had begun the trick by swallowing a sword before asking Amanda to pull it out of his throat.

A spokesperson for Britain's Got Talent denied there was any safety line in the performance and explained it was just an optical illusion caused by the camera angle.

"There is no truth in this claim. The wire was used to hold the pole in position and was not attached to Alex," they told the Daily Mail.

And indeed, in a new photo taken from a different angle, the line is clearly attached to the stage rather than Alex.

So that clears that all up then!

bgt alex

Alex finished ninth in the final on Saturday night, scoring 4.5% of the public vote.

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