Britain's Got Talent 2016 results: Who won? Final RECAP!

britains got talent finalists 2016

Here's a look at all of the LIVE Britain's Got Talent 2016 results from tonight's final and this week's semi-finals as the winner is confirmed.

Nine acts performed each night between Sunday-Thursday with two going through to the live final on this Saturday night.

In each semi-final, the top act with the public went straight through while the judges decided between the next two most popular acts.

There were also two wild cards, one chosen by the viewers and the other by the judges, with all twelve performing live in the final where the ONE act with the most public votes won.

Britain's Got Talent 2016 FINAL results

WINNER: Richard Jones

2. Wayne Woodward

3. Boogie Storm

4. Jasmine Elcock
5. Beau Dermott
6. Craig Ball
7. Lucy and Trip Hazard (Wild card)
8. 100 Voices of Gospel
9. Alex Magala
10. Balance
11. Shannon and Peter (Wild card)
12. Jamie and Mel

And here's a recap of the earlier semi-final results...

Britain's Got Talent results: Semi-final 1 (Sunday)


1. 100 Voices of Gospel - FINALIST!

2. Jamie and Mel - FINALIST!
3. Kathleen Jenkins

4. Darren Altman
5. Total TXS
6. Spartans Resurrection
7. Ben Blaque
8. Richard Bayton
9. Ystrad Fawr Dancers

Britain's Got Talent results: Semi-final 2 (Monday)

Wayne Woodward
Wayne Woodward on Britain's Got Talent

1. Wayne Woodward - FINALIST!

2. Alex Magala - FINALIST!
3. Shannon and Peter

4. Rachael Wooding
5. Another Kind of Blue
6. The Garnett Family
7. Mythical PSM
8. Anne and Ian Marshall
9. Vitaly Voronko

Britain's Got Talent results: Semi-final 3 (Tuesday)

Richard Jones
Richard Jones

1. Richard Jones - FINALIST!

2./3. Boogie Storm - FINALIST!
2./3. Jack Higgins

4. Josh Curnow
5. Morgan Connie Smith
6. Vadik and the Bear
7. Khronos Agoria
8. Zyrah Rose
9. Flying Bebop

Britain's Got Talent results: Semi-final 4 (Wednesday)

Beau Dermott
Beau Dermott

1. Beau Dermott - FINALIST!

2./3. Balance Unity - FINALIST!
2./3. Tumar KR

4. Vox Fortura
5. The Collaborative Orchestra
6. Christian Lee
7. Danny Beard
8. Bollywest Fusion
9. Bespoke Candi

Britain's Got Talent results: Semi-final 5 (Thursday)

Craig Ball on Britain's Got Talent
Craig Ball on Britain's Got Talent

1. Craig Ball - FINALIST!

2./3. Jasmine Elcock - FINALIST!
2./3. Lucy & Trip Hazard

4. Presentation School Choir
5. The Togni Brothers
6. Elite Squad Royalz
7. Chloe Fenton
8. Ana & Fia Almanda
9. The Deep Space Deviants

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