BGT's Mel & Jamie hit back after being branded "cringe" and "uncomfortable" to watch

Mel and Jamie

Britain's Got Talent's mum and son singing duo Mel & Jamie have hit back after being branded "cringe" and "uncomfortable" to watch.

The pair came second in the public vote in their semi-final last Sunday night to win a place in this weekend's final.

But their performance of The Climb while holding hands drew some interesting reactions from viewers.

"My stomach churned when I read those comments online about us gazing into each other’s eyes," Melanie said this week. "I grabbed Jamie’s hand on stage to give us both extra strength because it was pretty nerve-racking, and for people to try to make something of that is laughable.

"No-one would insinuate anything about a mother and daughter showing one another affection, and a mother and son should be no different."

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Mel continued: I’m singing on Britain’s Got Talent with my son. What mother wouldn’t enjoy every single second of that?

"I used to perform in clubs and was once offered the chance to sing on a cruise ship, but my priority has always been my children — Jamie and his older brother, Adam — so I didn’t pursue it.

"All my life I’ve dreamed of being a famous singer but I wanted my boys to have a normal, stable upbringing."

Meanwhile Jamie - who returned to school in the week to sit GCSE exams - insists he's not bothered by the comments from viewers online.

"Everyone I know has been telling me that we were 'amazing' and wishing us luck in the finals," he said. "So strangers questioning why I held hands with my mum doesn’t bother me, and won’t affect how I act on stage.

"I haven’t felt nervous, and don’t think I will in the finals, either — the stage feels like home when I’m singing up there with my mum."

Mel and Jamie will sing again tonight as they bid for a spot on the Royal Variety and £250,000 in cash.

The BGT 2016 final airs from 7:30PM on ITV.

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